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Hidden Opportunities

Here in L.A. it’s easy to become kinda jaded. There are celebrities all around you,& often there are random situations that provide you with lots of insight about this industry if you just think about it a little bit.

I’ve been in line at Starbucks behind some fairly well-known celebrities, shared grocery & cooking tips with others, & even gone to a few of their homes just to change a set of guitar strings.

But that has had little of any effect on my music or career.

There are other times I’ve been in those same places & situations, & found out I was connecting with someone who could (and has) helped the careers of friends & even myself by default.

Then, there’s the other side.

At a showcase earlier this year, one of our friends played just before an artist we had never heard of or seen before. This unknown artist was “okay” for an absolute beginner, but they had a CD on the table, indicating this was probably not their first show. Our “friend” started quietly ripping this artist to shreds, whispering wisecracks to everyone nearby, about how “This one needs training wheels”, & stuff I can’t even mention here.

One of those people who heard these cracks was a friendly person…who turned out to be this artist’s manager & a high level international promoter.


Obviously, our friend had considerably more experience & commercial viability, but dissing this artist like that was not the most professional way to endear themselves to someone who could have helped their career.

Recently I went to a friend’s gig at a restaurant in Hollywood. She was sharing the night with a 17 year old artist named Elsie May.

My friend did okay, but Elsie May was amazing. If all goes well, you may be hearing about her soon, because she’s been well connected since birth. With songs and vocals far exceeding the expectations of her age, I soon discovered why. After her set, her “Aunt” came over & gave her a few tips & good commentary.

Her “aunt” & I talked briefly, since I met her before a long time ago, at a festival.

Though she is a well known & respected legend, few people recognized her, because she arrived & left without fanfare, & if we ever have her @ SongNet, I may not be able to post her name because the fire marshal would probably be called again.

I’ve also heard stories from friends. One mentioned chatting with a guy at the local car wash since they had the same model Honda. The other person was saying he tells his friends it’s his daughter’s car, because people expect him to be driving up in something expensive & exotic, but in fact it’s really his ‘cuz he LIKES this car. My friend opened up a magazine later that week & found a feature article about a famous record label exec…the person he met at the car wash.

A very close friend was at the hospital coffee counter, & started chatting with another customer. Turned out they were both there for similar reasons.  The other guy gave my friend his business card. He turned out to be the VP at a major entertainment legal firm.

There are plenty of stories you will hear along the way about missed opportunities & shoulda-woulda-coulda. Not just here in LaLa land either.

Coming back from a gig in Seattle, I held several doors for a very pregnant woman getting on the same flight. One of the people with her mentioned music & some friends releasing a CD.

Later that night, my wife & I watched that same woman (pre-pregnant) in a movie, “The Mexican”, & noted the person I talked to in the credits.

Respect everyone you meet.

As the saying goes, “The butt you kick today may be the one you need to kiss tomorrow”.

- Jimi