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Finding A Producer

Jimi Yamagishi, Director, Songnet

For most of my friends and clients, finding a producer is all about "Comfort Factor" - the overall "vibe" being the most critical. Our songs are our children, and we wouldn't just dump 'em with an unknown person. Abuse can occur. So can "kidnapping". Sure, it takes a while to feel out a person, but it's worth the time. The following is all a part of the process for me, in random order:

There are lotsa other reasons I'll choose someone else to produce an artist I have to pass on, and reasons I'll choose a producer for my own projects too. Yes, I try not to produce myself. Why? I'm too close to my own music. I need someone I trust to say "Jimi. That sucks." I also need that lil' pat on the back when it's really good but I'm having self esteem issues.
A quarterback relies on the coach to see the big picture. Your producer is the one that concentrates on the game plan so you can play in the moment.A CD that is not all it can be is a bigger loss than the cost of a producer that will take your work to the next level.

Don't shortchange yourself. Be all the artist you are destined to be.

- Jimi