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JIMI's 7 SECRETS OF SURVIVAL, by Jimi Yamagishi

SO Ya wanna play the game without a day gig?

It's possible, but takes a lot of work. Here's a few that have worked for me & some friends of mine: 1) Visit churches/temples/synagogues Meet music directors/pastors/preists. weddings/funerals/events ALL need music & it may as well be YOU.2) Ditto for restauraunts with large banquet rooms. Especially ones you like to eat at. "Face" value is important. The more they see you eatin' there, the more likely they'll make you first call for a gig. 3) Morbid as it seems, funeral homes, unless your entire repetoire is speed metal or various forms of dance music...well, okay, if you're in New Orleans, maybe.4) Most seasonal festivals in any town actually PAY SCALE OR BETTER! Check the Chamber of Commerce for the schedule. They're often booked several months in advance so if you're starving now, it may not help. But if you get on the circuit, it can be a career!5) They call it "busking" in the UK, but without a permit, it's "BUSTED" in lots of places, including most parts of L.A. The permit is around 30 bux most places, but if you find a good spot that nobody else is working, you should get that back in a few hours of open case playin', & the permit is good for 90 days or more. 6) Be a sub. You see that dude playin' the restaurant every Thursday nite? "Yeah, I can do that!" SO? Make friends, sub on those nites when he has a cold/has a date/ lost his meds. > Then YOU can eventually be the regular, or have a different nite if you bring 'em in.7) Hospitals/ nursing homes appreciate ANYONE that visits, & if you play for them, they WILL buy product, even if it's home brewed CDs of cassettes. Sometimes they'll give you money just for showing up & spending some time. It'll do your heart good, & if/when you realize it ain't all about the money, the good karma will positively affect your life, music & career.These have worked for me, you can start NOW, don't need to be an awesome player, & there's lots more! Think hard, be creative & ask other musicians. REAL musicians will share. We've been there.

Also music-related stuff that didn't require playing that made a few bux & kept me moving forward as well. Hey, I'm a luthier. I got a day gig @ TASCAM. Several friends work for Disney in music-related places. Another friend does graphics for Mesa Boogie. A regular @ many of our showcases manages a theater.

- Jimi