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Hidden Opportunities , by Jimi Yamagishi

Here in L.A. it’s easy to become kinda jaded. There are celebrities all around you, and often there are random situations that provide you with lots of insight about this industry if you just think about it a little bit. I’ve been in line at Starbucks behind some fairly well-known celebrities, shared grocery and cooking tips with others, and even gone to a few of their homes just to change a set of guitar strings. But that has had little of any effect on my music or career. There are other times I’ve been in those same places and situations, and found out I was connecting with someone...

Book 'em Danno , by Jimi Yamagishi

Good promoters are like party planners with an agenda. They want to be entertained & have a good time, so they will only work with people that fit that initial description. That does not mean your music has to be happy & mindless. People are entertained by many things. Nice looking stuff. ...

Sharks In The Water, by Jimi Yamagishi

People with REAL cred are ALWAYS available. A business with locked doors will generally not succeed. They will provide an opportunity for YOU to contact THEM if there is a real interest in transacting some business...

Song Contests, by Jimi Yamagishi

You’ll be seeing something new on our site I would not have considered just a few years ago...

Volunteer For Success, by Jimi Yamagishi

Everyone wants to be "discovered" be a "rock star". without doing the work. "Everybody wants to go to heaven, nobody wants to die".... As a result, volunteerism will always be in short supply. Now, if we said "volunteer & we'll guarantee you'll be a rockstar" Or better still "all volunteers will get a record deal", we'd have plenty of help...

Mmmm...good... Spam!, by Jimi Yamagishi

Shortly after a music conference, a friend was going through his email. “LOOK AT THIS!” he exclaimed. “SPAM SPAM SPAM!” “What?” I asked. “Well, I met a lot of people at the conference,& we exchanged email addresses, & now I have all these gig posts!!” “And, I suppose they have yours?” I asked.

The Future of Music , by Jimi Yamagishi

The music industry has gone from a person beating a drum in a cave to a virtual cyberworldly free-for all (literally) that is practically out of control. Every indie musician knows how difficult it is to lineup PAID gigs. Selling CDs isn’t that easy either. & unless you have the resources of a major label (& are making millions of dollars for ‘em) you can forget about your ASCAP & BMI checks. So how does an artist survive? ...

Vintage, Not Old , by Jimi Yamagishi

57 Chevys. Chateau Lafitte ’64. ’59 Les Pauls. There are some things that are far more valuable than when they were new, because age has provided a maturity & quality that stands the test of time. There’s something inherently precious about something or someone that has a lil’ history behind ‘em. Yet the traditional music industry keeps trying to tell us we need to be new, fresh, cutting edge & under 21...

I'm a ROCKSTAR DAMMIT! Fanbase Building Part 2, by Jimi Yamagishi

We live in a multitasking world. If you're reading this, you probably have other applications running on your computer, have something to eat/drink at your side. Most of you are also either at work or home, listening to music/watching TV, maybe even on the phone. & you may even have something cookin'...

Cash In Pocket, by Jimi Yamagishi

Revenue Streams in the Music Industry: So, you’ve gone past the 7 secrets to survival, & now want a serious career... Tips, by Jimi Yamagishi

Some have just written it off as a glorified dating service, but if you work it right, it can be the most valuable online tool...

Birthday Blog , by Jimi Yamagishi

Last night was one of those that just sneaks up on ya & humbles ya way beyond your wildest expectations....

Finding A Producer, by Jimi Yamagishi

For most of my friends and clients, finding a producer is all about "Comfort Factor" - the overall "vibe" being the most critical....

Fanbase Building!, by Jimi Yamagishi

“Nobody came to my gig!” “No one buys my CDs!” “Nobody cares about ME!” You need a FANBASE! Stop whining & get to work. Here’s where to start

The Real Deal, by Jimi Yamagishi

This is the NEW music industry, born out of the way things were before radio, before recorded music, where the heart of the artist is all that really mattered, & the relationship between an artist & their fans was just as important as the work itself.

Remember that next time you're too busy to say hello.


"It's JUST a showcase" We've heard THAT one about a zillion times. What makes it different from a "regular gig"?

The Value of Your Career, by Jimi Yamagishi

My brother called a while back: "Jimi! I got a couple of tickets to the Paul McCartney gig at Staples!" "Cool!" I replied, "whatta I owe ya?"

"Just $450.00 EACH..." gasp-choke.
Heck, that's more than my last guitar cost!...

JIMI's 7 SECRETS OF SURVIVAL, by Jimi Yamagishi

SO Ya wanna play the game without a day gig?
It's possible, but takes a lot of work.
Here's a few that have worked for me & some friends of mine...

JIMI's POV, by Jimi Yamagishi

As part of the leadership team that keeps The SongNet running, I get A LOT of people asking about our direction...

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